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Launch dates and other fun news from the library

We've got a delicious line-up ready for you in the next months.

Looking forward to--

Hello travellers!

We'll keep this short and sweet.

Because you deserve nothing but the best, we've added another title to our publishing schedule this year, bringing us up to a grand total of... two. The rest of our titles are still stuck in customs (don't ask, but our dear editor Irulan is dealing with it.)

Our delightful story conduit Ellan has worked hard and last time we heard from her, this is what came in:

Which is what normally happens when you've finished a book with a philosophical basis as bizarre as the one for our upcoming titles. We wish we could say it's about to get better, but it's likely to be the opposite.

Flock To Your Poison

For those of you who don't know, the title above, our first earthly release is coming out during the Summer Solstice (also known as the 20th of June for the ignoramus) and we have no doubt that it will being you much joy. The cover design, again made by the scarily talented Maja Poljanc, is something we fell in love with straight away.

And to put things in the simplest of terms, this book is a short preparatory tale for the world or the Sight Sublime and the many oddities that await within. While editing nad grinding the novel into its final form, we realised that we could easily release a whole encyclopaedia of articles forwarded to us from the sources in the future - most of them crucial for the understanding of Madilunian subtleties. So, instead of chopping, we did some extra work.

We took a step back and took you to the root of when it arguably all went wrong (and not, it's not the moment amphibians decided to leave the sea, but something similar).

Flock To Your Poison will take you deep into the politics, grudges and secrets of the prominent Madilunian research institute, and leave you there until you feel at home. It will gently guide you through the story of their most recent product launch, and any CEO's nightmare. It will introduce some of your literary friends who no longer want to be friends with each other.

And most importantly, as a member of the Infinite Library, you'll get Flock To Your Poison for free, and before its official launch. There's literally 26 ways to sign up to become a member of the Library, thanks to out UX expert Benson, who got a bit carried away.

The Sight Sublime

While we can't say much more about the exact release date for The Sight Sublime, we know it will be between August and September. There's a few fun things we want to do with te launch, which are likely to include giving out towels ('I mean, don't forget to being your towel' is one of Earth's most basic rules, isn't it?) or perhaps we shall release branded sheep in the streets the world capitals. We're not sure. To make suggestions, drop a message on our facebook or below to Leeriath.

What we do know is that its release will most likely include some enchanted goods, should the Earth customs permit.

For now, let's feast our eyes on the cover again, and hope we get to finish the print version soon!

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