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The Making of the cover - Sight sublime

Courtesy of the awesome Maja Poljanc

From line work to the finishing touches, this is how we collaborated on creating one of the most beautiful book covers in existence (not that we're biased or anything).

The main inspiration for the cover was Flammarion Engraving, a 1888 wood engraving that's often synonymous with the quest for (often forbidden) knowledge. Its artist in unknown, yet it has the power to visualise the moment of an elightening breakthrough.

We gave Maja the concept and let her own imagination work...

The original linework was made in black and white - this was meant to be a simple variant cover for a special edition. But when we realised a)how gorgeous this is and b) how rubish the cover we had made as the primary cover was, we asked Maja very kindly if she was willing to colour it and do justice the story. The rest is history.

Probably the biggest challenge of the new cover was getting the typography right. After all, when you're trying to make a cover tell the story of an institute that combines occultism with nanotechnology, you can't leave anything to chance! The primary font used to create it was Ailerons, a deeply futuristic font to balance out a more 'fantasy' oriented background.

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